I do not understand.. if you still consider me an enemy.. then why would you prostrate yourself before me and ask for my teachingsā€¦?!! What purpose does it serve?!!

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Tumblr diary (22/09/2014)

I have never seen so much pain on one person’s face before. Her face looked like death and it didn’t light up like it usually does when she sees me, I feel useless, I guess there is no more place for me in her smile. why should there be so much pain in the world, there was no life in her step. while writing this I regretted not grabbing her arm as she walked away, I am surrounded by a lot of people who have no regrets or at least claim it, yet I regret so much, I will probably regret even writing this. I ran back to look for her but I could not find her, she was gone, I hope im not too late. The universe always seems to put me in the place I am supposed to be and leaves me to play my part, yet it seems I always fall short. I hate this. I hate myself for not seizing the opportunities ive been blessed with. I miss you Sam.